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We have a full line of tapes, bonds and other products either specifically for hair loss or good for long term maintenance of a hair system.

We use a new system for hair extensions - we believe is the best method in use today. Previous methods are more cumbersome and bulky. We also found hair weaving to be extremely time consuming and leaves a thick ridge along the weaving path. In addition, we no longer do or recommend hair weaving due to the risk of traction alopecia.

Check out the PHOTOS on this website of our new hair extension process and you'll see the natural and beautiful results.



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Our Clients Say:

This just happened a few minutes ago but I wanted to put it on the website to show the effect of "karma".

We just did a hair system delivery (Saturday afternoon, March 7, 2009). Our client accidentally overpaid by $50. Maria realized this after the client had already left so she phoned to ask if she wanted to come back and get the money or use it as a future credit. The client said she's so delighted with the hair system that she's coming back to order a second system and also bring her daughter.

She is almost 60 years old with thinning hair (although she looks in her late 40's). She said she is so sorry she waited so long to do something about her hair. Her daughter has the same problem but now she knows she doesn't have to live with it like she did.

Anyway, it's a nice story for us and helps explain why Maria is so busy.