Maria Jaggard Salon

British Columbia's Premier Hair Replacement Centre


Our Clients Say:

When I got the call that there would be an appointment set up at Maria and Brian's salon, I remember exactly how excited I was: so excited that really nothing else that day mattered, school was a pain to sit through and every moment seemed to last a lifetime.

Before arriving at Maria Jaggard Salon, I remember telling myself not to get too excited, nothing was set in stone - maybe it wouln't work out...But really, I had no expectations and if I did they would've been completely blown out of the water. The warmth and happiness transmitted from Maria and Brian upon crossing the threshold was truly perfect. But the daunting prospect of having something to touch, something to grab upon my head was scary, but most of all exhilarating.

The seven weeks following were that of anxiety and eagerness. School on April 21st (2009), seemed to go in slow-motion. I remember constantly checking the clock waiting for the bell to ring; I'd purposely try to think of other things to get my mind off 5 o'clock. When I sat down in that chair, a surge of excitement circulated through my bones. I tried my best to hold in all of my excitement, if I had let it out there I'm sure there would have been hair products flying, chairs crashing and little Sumo wondering what the hell was going on. Maria took extra care, and she eased me through the process effortlessly. Th amount of kindness and care felt in that room was absolutely amazing. The finished product was beautiful, and I couldn't be happier with the hair system. Maria and Brian were such  joy to spend time with; all of the laughs and crazy banter shared will be in my memory forever (especially those Zoolander poses - smile!).

Thank you so much for making this journey one of the most beautiful.


 Eva W. Age 17