Maria Jaggard Salon

British Columbia's Premier Hair Replacement Centre


Our Clients Say:

Dear Maria;

I had a fabulous hairdresser who moved away and for the life of me I just couldn't find anyone who could cut my hair like I wanted. Finally, after two years of searching for another, just as fabulous hairdresser, I found you....Maria, and it was my saving grace.

Not only did you ask me what I wanted for my hair, you actually listened! You worked carefully with my naturally curly hair, to creat a cut that matches my facial structure. YOu knew how to handle curly hair and you gave me the cut without taking off too much length. You made me look "classy and sassy"! You are (a) very talented and amazing hair artista.

I enjoyed the whole experience and now I love my new look. Your professionalism and efficiency, wonderful and relaxing atmosphere, was indeed (an) unexpected bonus!!! I would highly recommend you to anyone and especially to someone who is so particular about their hair like I am.

Thank you so much Maria - YOU ROCK!!!!

With Love

P.S. Thank you Brian, you were so helpful and informative when I spoke to you on the phone for the first time. If it wasn't for you and your kindness I wouldn't have met Maria at all! Thank God I did and God Bless.