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Maria Jaggard

Hair system design is one part science two parts art. Maria has a unique blend of science and artistry which she uses to design the best hair system suitable for YOU.

Maria-Elissa Jaggard began her career in 1990 by graduating from Raymond Academy in Vancouver British Columbia with Honors and was presented an achievement award.

Further education, including Suki's Advanced Hair Academy, continued over the years. She continued advanced education in hair techniques, corrective work and acquired training in the field of hair replacement in 1992.

During the years as a hair loss technician, she became recognized as a major contributor through services with clients, sales,  as well as advanced training and development of other technicians. Maria and Brian believe that a true professional never stops learning. We attend advanced colour and cutting seminars regularly to stay up-to-date on new colours, techniques and styles.

Maria's expertise and technical skills were apparent to everyone who sought her out. She became highly recommended and many clients started to hear about  her via word of mouth, referrals by medical doctors and hair salons throughout the Lower Mainland.

She has helped thousands of men, women and children regain their self-confidence and acquire their perfect image. Maria provides non-surgical hair replacement products and systems custom designed and produced with each clients' personality in mind.

Brian and Maria would like to welcome you to their own private, discreet "appointment only" salon in order to provide hair loss and non-hair loss clients with quality products and services at reasonable prices.

Maria Jaggard is an active member of the Valley Women's Network and the Cosmetology Industry Association of British Columbia (CIABC).  She supports women in business and Breast Cancer Research.

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Our Clients Say:

 Hi Maria and Brian,

I have been meaning to write a review since I got my system a few weeks ago but I have been so swamped and did not want to write just a line... 

About 2 years ago my husband brought to my attention I believe an advert on Maria Jaggard's salon and hair loss solutions. I contacted Maria and Brian via email and asked a few questions but never followed up with an appointment until early this year when I booked an appointment and went for an evaluation. It was an enlightening appointment and I decided to give the hair system a try. I was anxious and somewhat sceptical as I waited for the delivery of my system and when I got the call that it was in I was afraid of going to have it fitted since I thought it would not be what I hoped it would be and at the back of my mind I had fears that I might hate it and be disappointed which would mean a total waste of money. Maria had done a good job of explaining the frontal lace but not being a hair dresser I just could not understand how it would be natural... 

I got my custom made hair system probably 2 months ago and I must commend Maria and Brian for there excellent customer service - I perceive myself as a perfectionist and one not easy to please yet they were both very patient and made my hair system colour and cut to my specifications, they are amazing.  From the day after I got the hair system the compliments have been flying right left and centre with descriptions ranging from "your hair cut is very flirty and sexy" to "you look absolutely amazing and the colour  of your hair is amazing". Like a lot of people until you hear the compliments from people who have no vested interest in issuing the compliments it is hard to appreciate a good thing. My fear and concern that people would notice it was a system was unfounded. I am very pleased with my system and I am enjoying my new found look everyday. I would tell any skeptics out there who have hair issues and are apprehensive about trying a hair system, to put their fears aside and go for it - I should have done it sooner. 

Thanks guys!