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Mon, Feb 9th, 2009

This section is meant to become an archive of commonly asked questions and information regarding hair loss, wigs, toupees and hair systems.

Many of the questions you may ask are already answered in our TESTIMONIALS SECTION at the bottom of the page. Many of the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  can be found by clicking on the small question mark "?" at the top of this page.

Living with hair loss is a continuous education. Even for Maria and I at Maria Jaggard Salon. You can see from the Photo Section that we always strive to keep current with the technology and the art of hair loss and hair styles. Last year we took several international trips to inspect potential suppliers  - direct to you pricing is one of our key advantages. Although Maria is a qualified, registered cosmotologist in British Columbia, she believes that the art of hair and styling is a life-long project. Don't get us wrong either - we always ensure we have a little bit of fun along the way. Check out our PHOTO SECTION at the bottom of the page to see what we've been up to lately.

Speaking of fun...Maria and I recently took our work to Hawaii this January 2009. What bride wouldn't like to have her own personal hairdresser for a Maid of Honour? Check out the incredible look of our Hothead Hair Extensions in the HAIR EXTENSIONS FOR WEDDING album of the PHOTO SECTION. Hair weaving is OUT (more about that in another bog) Hotheads Hair Extensions are IN!

Our Clients Say:

Dear Maria and Brian

I cannot express enough gratitude for all that you have done for me! Having had trichotillomania since I was a young girl I have always been very very conscious of it and always wondering about what people were thinking about me...Many people probably didn't even notice half the time but the damaging effect it has had on me and my self esteem has been life changing in a negative way. I often think of the ad on TV where the lady is trying to lose weight but she has a ball and chain wrapped around her ankle as she can never let go of that issue in her life. In the ad it follows her everywhere and affects everything she does. So this is the same with my hair pulling. The destructiveness of this disease follows me everywhere and I cannot rid myself of it or how it affects me physically (no eyelashes and thinning hair) and even more so emotionally and psychologically.

I have had the hair system now for one full week. Maria you won't believe how much less I am thinking about my hair and what others are thinking. And it seems to be lessening daily as I become more accustomed to the system. I feel more confident, I feel pretty for the first time in years and no longer am I worrying of someone noticing a bald spot. I ams so excited and thrilled...I will update you as I continue to grow in confidence and esteem.

Thank u