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Thu, Feb 26th, 2009

Q. "Hi Brian. I have alopecia. It started as a loonie size patch and then grew to pretty much the back half and sides of my head. I have been undergoing treatment - injections, cortisone and rogain. I know it will come back, maybe not for good, some if it already has grown back and inch and a half!!! My question is, do you think I can get extensions on the new hair?

Thanks! Your web site is awesome, it looks like you guys really do some good things for people."

 A. Thanks for the compliment on my website. I just launched it a couple of weeks ago and I'm interested in what you think about it.

Yes, you can get extensions on the new hair. Maria would look at it first - she's a pretty good judge of what kind of hair you have growing in. We use a totally new type of hair extension - closeups are shown on the website adn we have many more pics of clients here in our salon. They don't pull on your existing hair (which can cause traction alopecia). They're also long lasting, easy to maintian and don't leave any lumps or bumps on your head like other extensions.

We don't charge for a consultation so if you'd like to come in, just give me a call.


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Our Clients Say:

Hi Maria;

Everything is going well with my new hair, I love it. The transition with it in the school I work at went without notice. And I am enjoying styling with the flat iron.

Now in the second week, I am working out some logistics. My plan is to live in it 24/7 for 3 days. I am finding that due to rushing around in the morning, to get out the door by 8 am, is stressful with having to sometimes replace tape and get an accurate position on my head. So I will start sleeping, hair on, tonight. I will let you know how it goes.

My son and I had a great time on Sunday in Vancouver. We packed in a lot: Granville Island, the VAG, and walking downtown. We were so happy to be around so many people going about their lives.

Thank you so much for the great care you gave me. I feel so great in my new hair. I don't even think about it anymore. A new thing I experience is that my ears do not get cold when I go for walks. They always got cold in my synthetic hair.

If you can send me the photos when you have a chance, I will take them to the doctor for possible reimbursement.

I will write you again and let you know how the 3 days go. Possibly my testimonial for you could include that.