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Sun, Dec 7th, 2008
hello, my names Lee i want a full lace front wig, because i dont want to be able to see
 any of my hair i want it to part any way. how much are they. im caucasion too, and my hair 
is now brown but i would want the wig thing in blond would that work, plesae explain. ansering
 my questions, and a price. the lenght would be 18inch

Hi Lee;
We can make you a full lace front wig that would be exactly how you want 
Maria does a consultation with you and together you design how you want 
the hair system to look - it can be any colour you like. It's difficult 
to quote you an exact price because that depends on the size, and 
density - we determine that during the consultation. You should know 
that we only supply the best quality hair, bases, materials, etc. 
Despite that, our prices are lower than any other similar custom, 
made-to-order system because we keep our costs down (we buy directly 
from the factory, do our own design work, do not hire sales people, low 
advertising, etc.). Also 50% of how good you are going to look depends 
on the hairdressing skills of the technician. Maria is the best in the 
business and every client comes away extremely satisfied. You should 
check out our testimonial book!
As for price, the range for women is typically 1275 to 2275. Most of our 
hair systems would cost over 3000 at a Vancouver hair loss salon.
If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask or you can book a 
free consultation by calling me at 604-534-5049.
Brian Jaggard
Maria Jaggard Salon

Our Clients Say:

Dear Maria and Brian;

Thank you so much for this hair system. It is so nice to have something that looks so real and is so comfortable on my head. Because I don't need to wear a wig cap, I feel more like a normal girl again, and don't have to worry about it being too hot, or coming off. You both were so helpful and made me feel comfortable in your home, I really am grateful that I could find such nice people with such great quality of hair for people like me. I'm so happy to find something that works for me, that will last such a long time. I am excited to keep experimenting iwth new styles and hair do's now that I have long hair. Also, Maria you are an awesome hair stylist, I wish I had you around all the time to do my hair for me! You made me look so glamourous! Thanks again for everything,