Maria Jaggard Salon

British Columbia's Premier Hair Replacement Centre

Sat, Jan 31st, 2009

A. Absolutely not. Does wearing fashionable pants make you vain? Let's face it, not everyone has the perfect bald head. Some of our clients have serious medical problems or unsightly head injuries while others have ordinary pattern baldness. In the words of one of our clients "without the hair system, I was mistaken for someone 10 years older. Now I look 10 years younger - that's a 20 year age difference...I choose younger!"

Our Clients Say:


I have had my hair system since May and I must say - I love it. Prior to the system I spent a fortune on my hair trying to make it look thick and full. I hated the wind as it blew my carefully placed hair all over the place. Everyday I thought about my hair. When I got up the courage to make an appointment I felt very comfortable. The wait for my hairpiece was hard but when it arrived I was so happy. I feel the wind through my hair and I'm loving it! My hair looks so natural it's part of menow. Today I am ordering my second one.

I have always been a confident person, this new hair piece has allowed me to have less to worry about regarding my appearance and enjoy more. Life is good!