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Wed, Mar 18th, 2009

Hi - I came across your website as I was searching the web. I am a 29 year old female who used to have very thick hair. In my teens it started thinning out and now I have coarse but thin hair. My trouble spots are in the front, sides and back. I use Toppick hair fibres to conceal the thinning. I want to inquire about your services and what you might be able to do for me. Could you please let me know if there is a fee for your consultation services and and an estimate of how much is costs to take  your treatment? Please and thank you. Susan

Hi Susan. We do not charge for a consultation - Maria usually books about a week in advance but we do have a couple of spots open this week. There are various "remedies" out there that we believe are mostly hoaxes - including most of the laser treatments. I say this because you used the word "treatment". Our service is to build you a custom hair system to cover your thinning areas. It is integrated within your own thinning hair and will restore your look to however you wish.

We chosse the correct curl pattern, hair density, colour and size to suit your unique needs. Maria will make a mould of your hair loss area adn our factory replicates the shape of your head. The base of the hair system is built onto this mould. This way, the system is extremely secure, undetectable and comfortable.

The systems are designed to last for 2 to 3 years and can be worn 24/7. Most of the ladies systems range from $1400 to $2200. In Vancouver these systems start at around $3000 and you could be contractually obligated to pay much more. We also include the cut-in (which some salons will charge up to $250 alone), care kit and follow up appointment. We use only the best quality materials and source factory direct. If you check out our testimonials section, you'll find out what others have to say about us. There are all REAL testimonials we keep in a book that you can look at in our shop. Mos of he photos we have are not available online for privacy reasons bt we can show you during the consultation.

I hope this information is helpful to you. The clients we have are extremely satisfied with the results. Maria is not only very good at what she does but is also a lot of fun to meet. Just give me a call and I'll book a free consultation for you. There's absolutely no pressure or obligation to buy anything.

Our Clients Say:

Dearest Maria;

What can I say, your great! :) I've known you like forever, and you've always made me feel good and kept my hair loss private. Your doing a great service to all who have a hair loss problem. People like you do it not for the money but for reasons that fulfill a personal, emotional gain within. :) I love you as a friend and as my personal hair tech. Your expertise in hair care is so needed and I'll always seek you out. Please don't stop!

Love always, your friend