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Mon, Feb 16th, 2009
Dear Maria Jaggard Salon

I am thinning all over my head, I do not want to wear a wig that could fall of my head. 
I want to be able to swim. Would hair adding work for me? Or what would you suggest?
Thank you,

Hi "M";
Thank you for contacting us.
We do not sell "wigs" that fall off your head. We've never had a client 
tell us that any of our hair systems have come off in an embarrassing 
situation. Last summer, one of our clients told us that she wore her 
system while riding on a Seadoo which went up to 80 km/hr on a lake. Her 
sunglasses and hairband came off but her hair system stayed in place 
perfectly. Our systems are made to fit only you and can be worn 24/7 or 
removed whenever you like.
You need to book a consultation appointment and we can show you how it 
works. There is no charge for a consultation.
Brian Jaggard
Maria Jaggard Salon

Our Clients Say:

This just happened a few minutes ago but I wanted to put it on the website to show the effect of "karma".

We just did a hair system delivery (Saturday afternoon, March 7, 2009). Our client accidentally overpaid by $50. Maria realized this after the client had already left so she phoned to ask if she wanted to come back and get the money or use it as a future credit. The client said she's so delighted with the hair system that she's coming back to order a second system and also bring her daughter.

She is almost 60 years old with thinning hair (although she looks in her late 40's). She said she is so sorry she waited so long to do something about her hair. Her daughter has the same problem but now she knows she doesn't have to live with it like she did.

Anyway, it's a nice story for us and helps explain why Maria is so busy.