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Mon, Feb 16th, 2009
Dear Maria Jaggard Salon

I am thinning all over my head, I do not want to wear a wig that could fall of my head. 
I want to be able to swim. Would hair adding work for me? Or what would you suggest?
Thank you,

Hi "M";
Thank you for contacting us.
We do not sell "wigs" that fall off your head. We've never had a client 
tell us that any of our hair systems have come off in an embarrassing 
situation. Last summer, one of our clients told us that she wore her 
system while riding on a Seadoo which went up to 80 km/hr on a lake. Her 
sunglasses and hairband came off but her hair system stayed in place 
perfectly. Our systems are made to fit only you and can be worn 24/7 or 
removed whenever you like.
You need to book a consultation appointment and we can show you how it 
works. There is no charge for a consultation.
Brian Jaggard
Maria Jaggard Salon

Our Clients Say:

I have had my system for a few months now and it looks so natural that nobody has noticed or commented on the fact that I am not "wearing" all of my own hair. This includes my children partner - and we DO share a bedroom. He must be half blind because after I have washed my (own) hair, I usually let it airdry before I put my system on. Maybe he has noticed but didn't mention it...

Anyway, I feel so much better with it especially since I live on the river where often it is windy and my hair used to fly in all directions.

I have had several people comment that they really like my new hairdo, thinking that I had it cut and coloured in a regular salon.

Thank you Maria