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Thu, Jan 8th, 2009
It was nice to meet you. We hope you find a solution to your hair loss 
problem. Anyway, here is a copy of your photos of areas of thinning and 
baldness. We will keep your small mold on file until you are ready to 
order. Because you continue to lose hair at the top of your scalp I 
might suggest that you purchase a larger system to cover the area around 
your crown/top of scalp area. In my years of experience it is my 
professional opinion that you should build one larger so that everything 
looks more natural from the front of your forehead to the back of your 
scalp. We want you to look good and thats why you came to see us because 
you know that we are capable of doing that for you.
Take care,
Maria-Elissa & Brian

Our Clients Say:

Dear Maria and Brian;

I decided to wait and have my hairpiece for a while before I would give my opinion on my experience with wearing it and overall care. At first I was very skeptical and didn't believe that it was going to change my life the way it did. I had tried several other options first, not wanting togive up on my own hair and re-growth. I tried many products including monoxidil, shampoos and concealers. I finally gave up on topical solutions and had transplant surgery. It was an expensive, painful and terrible emotional experience for me with little to no results. I felt like I had no choice but to get a hairpiece.

I looked into many types of hairpieces and hair systems. One day while browsing through the internet I came across the "Maria Jaggard Salon" and I figured it was worth a try, but I wasn't very hopeful. You were both so positive and enthusiastic that I couldn't help but feel hopeful once again and that I had maybe found a solution to my problem. I ordered my custom piece and received it about 2 months later. Maria did a fantastic job with the cut and made the piece look completely natural.

I cannot describe how much it improved my life and attitude. I feel "normal" again!!! The piece is so natural looking that most of my closest friends and family can not even tell that I am wearing it. It is so comfortable I barely notice it is there, not to mention I think my hair looks better than it did when my own hair was at its fullest! It is easy to take care of and worth EVERY penny I paid for it. It has become one of my most valued possessions and would not want to be without it ever again.

I cannot thank you enough for how you have changed and improved my life. My hair is no longer a problem that I think about every day and agonize over every time I go out in public. I don't even think about my hair loss anymore, and I never thought it could ever be that way again.

My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner, instead of stressing about my hair for 10 years. I guess I had to go through a journey before I was ready to move on to a hairpiece, doing everything possible to recover my own hair. Now I realize that this hairpiece idea is not scary at all but exciting and full of possibilities.

Than you again for providing this service to myself and others. You are truly making a difference in our lives for the better.

 Amber M - Age 32