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Thu, Jan 8th, 2009
It was nice to meet you. We hope you find a solution to your hair loss 
problem. Anyway, here is a copy of your photos of areas of thinning and 
baldness. We will keep your small mold on file until you are ready to 
order. Because you continue to lose hair at the top of your scalp I 
might suggest that you purchase a larger system to cover the area around 
your crown/top of scalp area. In my years of experience it is my 
professional opinion that you should build one larger so that everything 
looks more natural from the front of your forehead to the back of your 
scalp. We want you to look good and thats why you came to see us because 
you know that we are capable of doing that for you.
Take care,
Maria-Elissa & Brian

Our Clients Say:

When I had my old wig, it felt itchy and sweaty, it felt horrible! Before we did the fundraising, I felt nervous and when I got my new hair, it felt great! I can do so much with it!! Unlike my other one, I couldn't put it in braids or anything!! Now with my new hair it sticks (it's secure)!! So I don't have to worry about it falling off anymore. 10 years old.

 Hanna H