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Wed, Dec 3rd, 2008
Please let me know how long it takes to process the hair addition on a toupee I have.  
I need them within the period of 2 weeks.  I am wondering if it is possible. 
 And what's the cost for repair?  Please let me know as soon as possible.  Thank you. 
John from NJ, US.

Hi John;
You're in New Jersey?
Our salon is in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.
We usually send our systems to the original manufacturer for hair adding 
and that takes about 3+ weeks including courier time. You should be able 
to find someone who can do the repairs and hair adding locally.
We charge approx. $50/hr. for the hair adding/repairs.
Brian Jaggard

Our Clients Say:

Hi Brian and Maria,

I just want to tell you that Gillian's system works really good. Her friends did not notice the difference
except they said she look good. Her confident is back. She could now do the things that she can't do
before. She could play basketball, indoor rock climbing, run and many more.
Gillian and I appreciate that you help us decide to get  a system for her alopecia.

 Thank you very much.

 Sarah (Gillian's mom)