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Wed, Dec 3rd, 2008
Please let me know how long it takes to process the hair addition on a toupee I have.  
I need them within the period of 2 weeks.  I am wondering if it is possible. 
 And what's the cost for repair?  Please let me know as soon as possible.  Thank you. 
John from NJ, US.

Hi John;
You're in New Jersey?
Our salon is in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.
We usually send our systems to the original manufacturer for hair adding 
and that takes about 3+ weeks including courier time. You should be able 
to find someone who can do the repairs and hair adding locally.
We charge approx. $50/hr. for the hair adding/repairs.
Brian Jaggard

Our Clients Say:

Dearest Maria;

What can I say, your great! :) I've known you like forever, and you've always made me feel good and kept my hair loss private. Your doing a great service to all who have a hair loss problem. People like you do it not for the money but for reasons that fulfill a personal, emotional gain within. :) I love you as a friend and as my personal hair tech. Your expertise in hair care is so needed and I'll always seek you out. Please don't stop!

Love always, your friend